Let’s Build the Winning Coalition

Just one leadership candidate is talking about building a winning coalition – Gil McGowan.It’s what he’s been doing all his life.

About a decade ago, a group of labour movement leaders came together around an idea. Gil was key.

After 40 years of conservatives, Alberta workers needed a government on their side. Labour needed to double-down on our NDP support.

I became Alberta NDP president and worked closely with Gil as Alberta Federation of Labour president. We rolled up our sleeves to strengthen the Alberta NDP.

With Brian Mason and then Rachel, labour and the Alberta NDP created an amazing voting coalition. As Gil says – and I heartily agree – this coalition is key to returning to government.

But Rob , we can’t have this coalition as a party led by lobbyists and management consultants. It won’t work. Even if it could, it wouldn’t be a government on our side.

Our voting coalition needs working people. We need to focus on them to defeat the UCP. It’s hard work, but it’s the winning strategy.

Rob , we succeed by protecting Rachel’s accomplishment and the solid social democratic values they are built on. Gil has the plan to do that, and he is the one we need to lead our winning coalition back to government.

Gil has an important message. I am supporting Gil’s campaign financially because it takes money to get Gil’s message heard. Please help.

Supporting Gil helps us win back a government for working people, and a future the people of our province deserve!

Please support, volunteer, and donate to Gil McGowan’s leadership bid!


Nancy Furlong