7 big ideas to attract the support of working Albertans and build a winning coalition

What happens when the world starts moving away from the very things that drive our economy? That’s the central economic policy question facing Albertans, today.

If a candidate or party isn’t willing to acknowledge that we’re in the midst of a global energy transition – and if they don’t have a clear strategy for maintaining our prosperity in a rapidly changing world – then they should be judged as unfit to govern at this critical juncture in our province’s history.

Alberta’s NDP can lead the way!

One of the big reasons working Albertans are increasingly anxious and stressed is because their wages have not kept up with the rising cost of living. The UCP is the party of wage stagnation and wage suppression. The NDP can win over workers by becoming the party of wage growth! Let’s give Albertans a raise! Read Gil’s plan for Giving Alberta Workers a Raise! He has a plan to give Albertans what they need to keep up with the current economic crisis!

The cost of living in Alberta has been skyrocketing. Rent, mortgage payments, groceries, gasoline, power, insurance, school fees, municipal taxes … you name it, it all costs a lot more today than it did three years ago. Read Gil’s plan to win the support of the working Albertans by presenting them with a credible and compelling plan to Tackle the Affordability Crisis.

There is nothing more important and foundational than health. Simply put, if we are not healthy, everything else falls apart. As leader of the NDP, and eventually Premier of the province, Gil would keep Albertans healthy by re-embracing public health care AND reasserting the value of public health – that branch of medicine that focuses on using science-based strategies to prevent illness. Read Gil’s plan here! Keep Albertans Healthy!

Working Albertans understand that high-quality, public education is the key to their success, the success of their children and the success of the economy. Find out how Gil would win the support of working Albertans by defending public education – and how that support would help defeat the UCP in 2027! Big Idea#5: Fight back to defend K-12 public education

Our prosperity and security depend on foundational investments in things like education, health care and infrastructure. Our economic future also depends on investment in things like diversification and climate resilience. Find out how Gil would fund these investments by making profitable corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share. Big Idea #6: Pay for the programs and service working Albertans need by making profitable corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share

The UCP is winning among working class voters in part by convincing them that climate change is something we can worry about later and that climate policy is something that will hurt our economy and undermine our prosperity. Read about how Gil would use the goal of building climate resilience as a tool to galvanize Albertans and create a sense of shared purpose – one that would inspire working Albertans and give them a real reason to support the NDP. Big Idea #7: Create a sense of shared purpose among Albertans by calling on them to help build climate resilience

Many Albertans don’t like the UCP. But that’s not enough to win. We’re losing to the UCP among economically-anxious workers who are looking for more than anti-UCP attacks. They want to know what the NDP is for, not just what we’re against. And they’re looking for a leader with an economic plan focused on their economic worries.

That leader is Gil McGowan. Standing up for working Albertans and fighting for their economic future has been Gil’s life passion. The voters the NDP needs to add to their column in order to create a winning coalition are the people Gil has been representing for decades.

Many working Albertans are worried, stretched and stressed like never before. Between their jobs and their families, they feel they are falling behind and don’t see a way out.

The Alberta NDP needs to focus on these worried working families. We need big ideas that cut through the static and show them that they are our focus – with policies to bring security and opportunity to them and broadly-shared prosperity to our province.

Gil has a seven-point plan for inspiring over-stretched and anxious Alberta workers and bringing them into a bigger, better NDP coalition that can defeat the UCP in 2027. Watch this space over the coming weeks as Gil unveils seven planks in a platform laser-focused on addressing the economic anxieties of working Albertans. This is the path towards building a bigger, better party — one that can defeat the UCP and start building a brighter economic future for all Albertans.

“The last time our economy was at a crossroads like this, Peter Lougheed used the tools of government to steer us towards prosperity. We need that same kind of activist approach today. The UCP has demonstrated that they are incapable of doing what’s necessary. We need to seize the mantle of Lougheed and update it for the 21st century’s global energy transition.”

— Gil McGowan