Gil McGowan Launches Bold Leadership Bid for Alberta’s NDP, Promises Economic Renewal


Tuesday, March 26

EDMONTON, March 26 Gil McGowan, President of the Alberta Federation of Labour, officially announced his candidacy for the leadership of Alberta’s New Democratic Party yesterday at an event in Edmonton. McGowan, known for his passionate advocacy and significant contributions to labour rights in Alberta, launched his campaign with a promise to lead Alberta through a pivotal economic transformation.

In his announcement, McGowan revealed the first plank of his comprehensive Seven Point Platform for Alberta – Diversification. He addressed the critical need for Alberta to adapt to the global energy shift, asserting that the province’s economic future depended on proactive strategies for change. 

“The Alberta economy is at a crossroads. The UCP is the party of denial. We need to be the party of solutions – the party with a plan for the future.” – Gil McGowan

Drawing from the legacy of Peter Lougheed, McGowan emphasized the necessity of a bold new government ready to navigate the challenges of the 21st century’s energy transition. 

“Peter Lougheed steered our economy towards growth during challenging times. We are faced with a similar challenge today, and the need for decisive action is more urgent than ever. The UCP has shown their inability to lead in this critical period. It is time for us to adopt Lougheed’s mantle and modernize it for today’s global energy transition.” – Gil McGowan

Over the next seven weeks, McGowan plans to unveil the remaining six planks of his platform, each designed to detail his strategic vision for Alberta’s sustainable and prosperous future. His campaign, underpinned by his extensive experience and achievements in advocating for worker’s rights, public service protections, and economic diversification, promises to deliver leadership that puts hardworking Albertans first. 

McGowan’s tenure as AFL president has seen him championing higher wages, stronger workplace rights, and secure pensions for Alberta’s workforce. He played a pivotal role in safeguarding public services against cuts and privatization and was at the forefront of advocating for critical new services like the enhancement of CPP benefits, universal childcare, and a national Pharmacare plan.

With roots in rural Alberta, McGowan is confident his message will resonate with both prairie pragmatism and progressive values. His life’s work, marked by a steadfast commitment to the well-being and prosperity of working Albertans, has prepared him to lead the NDP into a new era of political and economic leadership.

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