McGowan: my economic focus on “worried workers” key to a winning NDP voting coalition


Tuesday, March 26

EDMONTON — Stressed, stretched and worried working people don’t want acrimony and attacks, they want leaders with an economic plan for Alberta in a changing world, NDP leadership candidate Gil McGowan told supporters today.

Citing polling evidence, McGowan called worried workers the “missing piece” to a winning NDP voting coalition, and argued he was the best candidate to earn the support of this key group and defeat the UCP in 2027.

“I don’t think the other candidates fully appreciated the need and the opportunity to be laser focused on workers,” said McGowan.

“I’m the right choice for this task because I’ve spent my whole life working for workers. They know me and trust me. They know I’m on their side, fighting for their security and their economic future.”

McGowan said worried workers want straight talk about change. He pledged a seven plank leadership platform addressing their concerns and underpinned by his economic strategy to “pivot the Alberta economy toward the future.”

“My focus is building a bright Alberta future in a changing world, to point Alberta’s economy toward the opportunities in change. The biggest risk to working families is to delay and deny change,” said McGowan.

McGowan’s economic blueprint calls for an Alberta Inflation Reduction Act to drive investment and job creation and a new Diversify Alberta crown corporation to broker deals on new major projects. His plan would move industry toward materials-based manufacturing, reducing emissions while maintaining bitumen demand and creating new jobs.

McGowan also pledged to boost Alberta’s power grid capacity, fire the Alberta Energy Regulator CEO and board, and cap electricity prices for households and businesses.

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